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UK Clean Air Fund supports retrofitting of vans and taxis to Autogas

The UK's new Clean Air Fund aims at supporting local authorities, individuals and businesses affected by local nitrogen dioxide plans.

It includes some measures such as support for upgrading to new vehicles (including ultra low emission vehicles).


There is £220 million of funding available through the Clean Air Fund over the period of 2018/2021. The goal is to prioritise approaches that achieve compliance with legal limits in the shortest possible time whilst minimising the impact on those living and working in and around the area.


According to the Fund, van drivers, which includes sole traders and small businesses, could be impacted by local air quality measures in particular as the cost of upgrading to a compliant vehicle can be prohibitively expensive and options are restricted. Potential measures could include: support for conversion to Autogas, support for upgrade to electric vehicles; or local upgrade schemes.


Source:, managed by WPLGA