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LPG – A Family Fuel That’s Cheap and Clean

Working mother, Susan K Mann, blogs her experience of using an LP Gas fueled car, and demonstrates the benefits it can have for families who are looking to save.

With petrol and diesel prices sending most car owners into a cold sweat every time they fill up it’s no wonder that autogas LPG is a better option for families determined to reduce their car running costs, which as we all know, is a major part of the household budget.
And it’s easy to see why it’s so appealing to convert to autogas LPG, whether that’s buying an already converted model or getting the car converted using an approved UKLPG installer.
The reason it’s so attractive? Well, it’s quite simple really. LPG attracts much less duty than petrol or diesel, typically reducing the annual fuel bill by up to 40 per cent compared to petrol alone.
Just imagine how much more pleasurable that would make the school run or trips to the supermarket!
In fact, if you’ve ever seen a totem pole, that’s the tall sign listing the different fuel prices, at a forecourt selling autogas LPG then you’ll probably have noticed that at the bottom there’s one fuel which is almost half that of petrol and diesel. Well, that’s probably autogas LPG.
However, the even better news, especially for those with ‘green’ leanings, is that independent research has proven that LPG is less harmful to the environment than diesel or petrol. 
Indeed, vehicles running on LPG produce far fewer of the harmful emissions associated with the traditional road fuels that contribute to environmental and health problems, such as breathing difficulties like asthma.

As for filling up, there are currently some 1,400 autogas LPG refuelling stations across the UK, so you’re never far from one, whether that’s on a family outing or simply going out for a drive. 
Also, nearly all LPG vehicles are dual fuel meaning they will run on either LPG or petrol, seamlessly switching automatically between the two fuels whilst in motion, so you’ll always have the secondary fuel source to fall back on.
There are also apps, sat navs and a handy pocket size guide pinpointing the autogas LPG refuelling sites, making it incredibly easy to locate a refuelling station just in case you’re determined to stick to the cheaper fuel (and who can blame you for not wanting to be forced back to petrol!).
Conveniently, most petrol powered cars can be converted to run on autogas LPG. It is recommended that conversions are carried out by UKLPG approved installers as this gives extra peace of mind that the vehicle’s performance will be retained.
After the conversion, it is recommended that the system is serviced annually or every 12,000 miles but in reality this could be little more than an emissions check and filter change. Again, it is recommended to use a UKLPG installer who is able to undertake service work.
So for long-term savings on your car fuel bills, then autogas LPG is a very a tempting proposition. After all, if you’re paying up to 40 per cent less each time you fill up then that’s money saved for more enjoyable things, such as extra days out with the children.