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Fleets challenged to evaluate LPG autogas at Cenex LCV event

Autogas is challenging fleet managers and company car drivers to find out how the very latest in LPG autogas technology measures up to their current vehicles at the Cenex low carbon vehicle event, by getting behind the wheel of its gas-powered Ford Focus EcoBoost demonstrator.

The autogas-converted Ford Focus showcases the potentially cost- and carbon-saving combination of a state-of-the-art direct injection, turbocharged petrol engine and the newest generation of LPG autogas system.


Linda Gomersall, general manager of Autogas said: “We’re delighted to be taking part in the Cenex LCV event, and look forward to introducing visitors to the latest developments in LPG autogas conversions.


“We’re inviting fleet operators and drivers to come and try our LPG converted Ford Focus. We’re confident that the quality of the installation and driving characteristics will convince anyone who has a go that manufacturers should be offering fleets the choice of ready-to-drive LPG models straight from the factory – as many already do in mainland Europe.


Gomersall added: “LPG autogas offers fleets the benefit of low pump prices that could slash fuel costs by 40 per cent – backed by the government’s firm commitment to a 10-year duty trajectory – while our analysis shows that it produces 14 per cent less well-to-wheel CO2 than petrol and 10 per cent less than diesel, highlighting LPG’s value and relevance today as a low carbon alternative fuel.”


Earlier this year a major pan-European study of the emissions of more than 9,000 vehicles, conducted by environmental expert Eric Johnson of Atlantic Consulting, revealed that a bi-fuel LPG autogas Ford Focus significantly outperformed its petrol-, diesel- and CNG-powered counterparts in measures including CO2, NOx and particulate matter.


Source: Fleet News