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Demand for LPG Alternative Reaches New High

Nearly half of London drivers would consider switching their vehicles to run on LPG Autogas, according to new research out today.

A nationwide Comres poll - commissioned by Autogas - showed that nearly a third of people (31%) would consider converting their vehicle to LPG, which is available from 1,400 filling stations across England, Wales and Scotland.


However, in London there was a greater potential appetite for the fuel which retails for approximately 70p per litre, with 46% of those surveyed said they would consider converting in the future.


LPG Autogas has been available for a number of years in the UK and currently 155,000 drivers use the fuel.


Conversion costs around £1,500 which can be made back in savings usually within 12 months due to it having considerably lower tax duty because of its environmental advantages.


The Government recently announced a 10-year tax trajectory which supports low prices for gaseous fuels including LPG Autogas.

According to AA figures for May 2014, the average UK price for unleaded 95 Octane was 129.9p per litre (ppl) with diesel costing 136.2 and LPG Autogas 69ppl.


However, while engine conversions are the only option in the UK, LPG ready cars - available to drive new from the showroom - are commonplace in Europe with more than 17 manufacturers making models available in France, Spain, Italy, Turkey and Germany among other countries.


The survey also revealed a desire for these models in the UK. Some 38% of those interviewed across the UK said they would choose an LPG-ready car the next time they change vehicles if they were ready available in the UK. In London this figure was higher at 43%.


Linda Gomersall, general manager of Autogas, said: “The survey results reflect an appetite among consumers - particularly in London - to save money by potentially switching to an LPG Autogas as an alternative.


“There is a lot of discussion from both the vehicle industry as well as policy-makers about future fuels and we believe LPG Autogas has a critical role to play.


"Not only is there a low-tax regime in place for the next 10 years which enables consumers to save money, we also have the infrastructure in place with 1400 filling stations already in existence with more to come.


"What we are missing is manufacturers delivering LPG-ready cars to the UK market in the same way that they are available in Europe. Our survey shows that consumers would switch if these vehicles were available.”


Autogas will shortly launch a Blueprint, which sets out the future for LPG, with calls to action for the Government, LPG Industry and car manufacturers which will detail opportunities for the LPG market to grow in the UK.