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Chancellorís Announcement Positive for the UK Market, says LPG Board

UKLPG has welcomed the Chancellorís commitment to maintain the fuel duty rate for LPG Autogas until September 2015.

While it would have liked a longer-term commitment to a freeze on fuel duty, the clear 10-year duty trajectory, announced by the Chancellor in his Autumn Statement, should give the consumer confidence to convert to this low carbon, low cost transport fuel.


Lisa Thomson, director of communications and external affairs at UKLPG, said: “UKLPG welcomes today’s confirmation that consumers will not suddenly be faced with a fuel duty increase. This has cleared the way for more UK motorists to convert their vehicles with confidence, as LPG autogas remains the cheapest, most widely available alternative fuel on the market.


“LPG autogas has a full infrastructure already in place in the UK. With a network of over 1,400 refuelling points and circa 160,000 vehicles on the road, it is the best placed fuel to reduce vehicle carbon emissions and tackle the growing problem of UK urban air pollution.


“With transparency on the future of the fuel duty for LPG, more motorists and fleets are likely to convert their vehicles to run on LPG autogas, which could have a significant impact on air quality in our urban areas. Pollution in our cities is reaching a critical level and this is why UKLPG has announced its support of the Healthy Air Campaign (HAC). The campaign is designed to raise public awareness of the health impacts of air pollution, encourage behaviour to help cut air pollution and exposure to it and persuade all levels of government to take stronger action so that the UK complies fully with air quality law.


“This week’s Budget will provide consumers with confidence that greener motoring will not be penalised by an increase in the fuel duty.”