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Autogas Savings Higher Than Ever

Annual forecourt fuel prices, published by Fleet News have revealed that using Autogas can save you more money than ever before.

These figures indicate that Autogas on average costs 45% less than unleaded petrol and is even cheaper when compared to diesel, as the financial gap between Autogas and other fuel types continues to grow. Additionally, these figures indicate that Autogas can save consumers substantial fuel costs - (under the scenario of 15000 miles being driven annually at 38mpg) the annual savings figure, when compared to unleaded petrol, has risen from:


  • £613 in 2009
  • £680 in 2010
  • £691 in 2011
  • £764 in 2012

Mike Chapman, Autogas Manager for UKLPG said – “In these harsh economic times an investment in an LPG conversion by a UKLPG Approved Autogas Installer could significantly help the family budget, and as seen in the figures now has never been a better time to convert to LPG”


In the UK, LPG costs around 50 pence per litre less than petrol and diesel. Whilst the miles per gallon when running on LPG is usually around 20% less than petrol see how much money you can save by using our Savings Calculator


If you are interested in converting your vehicle to Autogas please visit our Approved Installers Area and find an installer near you.