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Autogas conversions on the up in the UK

Any reason is good enough to get an autogas conversion. Some do it primarily to cut their fuel spendings, other for the environmental benefit. But even if the latter is your weapon of choice, you'll get some chunky savings, too...

British drivers and fleet operators more and more often see LPG autogas as a means to reduce their fuel bills and environmental impact, especially now that emission levels in may UK cities are way above allowed limits. According to estimates, poor air quality (in no small part including car-related emissions, especially those of nitrogen oxides and particulate matter) causes nearly 30 thousand premature deaths every year in the country and autogas is an easily attainable, readily available solution, at least in the short run.

Linda Gomersall, General Manager of Autogas Limited said "With its potential for huge cost savings, LPG has always appealed to those drivers looking to reduce their fuel bills, but with the growing concerns about emissions levels over the last couple of months, we’re now seeing a significant increase in conversion enquiries as more fleets and individuals look for cleaner alternatives to diesel and petrol."


If you need the numbers, here they are. Compared to diesels, LPG-powered cars cut NO2 emissions by as much as 80 percent, while particulate matter emissions are practically eradicated altogether as they're down by 98 percent. As for the increase in interest in conversions, a poll conducted recently among readers of The Mirror revealed that 55 percent respondents would consider switching to LPG autogas. Meanwhile, the number of drivers registering to have their cars converted via the Autogas Limited website has more than doubled recently.