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Oct 2020

LPG friendly Clean Air Zones get the go ahead

UK Government has approved plans for Clean Air Zones (CAZs) to start next year in Bath and Birmingham, having been postponed due to COVID-19. — Read more

Sep 2020

BBC Top Gear view of LPG Dacia Duster

Read the BBC Top Gear article below on how the Top Gear team test drive the Dacia Duster. — Read more

Aug 2020

LPG supports London in reducing 5x more NO2 than any other UK city

The Mayor of London, Sadiq Khan, last week published new evidence which shows since he took office in 2016 the scale of reduction in toxic NO2 has been five times greater in central London than the national average. — Read more

Autogas Day 2020

Autogas Day 2020 will kick off on 4th November, with two additional sessions on 5th and 6th November. — Read more

Jun 2020

Dacia returns LPG to UK new car market - Article by Company Car Today

Budget brand Dacia has relaunched sales of LPG to the UK market. — Read more

May 2020

Autogas on the Road to Zero, Article by Business Motoring

Vehicle fuel is set to change in the future & with the rise of electric cars & LPG price reducing for Autogas, drivers have more options. — Read more

Feb 2020

New dual-fuel LPG vehicle model launched in UK

Car manufacturer Dacia has announced the launch of a new range of dual-fuel vehicles across its Duster, Sandero and Logan MCV models that utilise LPG fuel alongside petrol. — Read more

Oct 2019

Low Emission Zone support fund announced

A new funding scheme has been announced to help prepare for the introduction of Low Emission Zones in Scotland's cities which includes support for taxi drivers to convert their diesel cabs to run on clean LPG. — Read more

May 2019

British industry analyses latest achievements of Autogas during last year

According to the British Autogas industry, LPG is now viewed politically as a more viable, alternative road fuel, with emissions on par with petrol-hybrid, compared to last year. — Read more

Oct 2018

LPG Supercar launched at the Paris Motor Show

The World LP Gas Association (WLPGA) and Liquid Gas Europe together with Tecno Montecarlo Automobile were at the Paris Motor Show between 2-14 October this year. — Read more

Jul 2018

LPG "key" to delivering Road to Zero Strategy

Liquefied Petroleum Gas (LPG) will play a key role in helping government deliver its Road to Zero Strategy, a supplier of the fuel has said. — Read more

Jun 2018

Councils and businesses invited to trial LPG vehicles

Autogas is inviting councils, businesses and fleets around the UK to experience the running their vehicles on autogas LPG as part of Clean Air Day. — Read more

Apr 2018

UK Clean Air Fund supports retrofitting of vans and taxis to Autogas

The UK's new Clean Air Fund aims at supporting local authorities, individuals and businesses affected by local nitrogen dioxide plans. — Read more

Feb 2018

UK report highlights environmental benefits of deploying Autogas vans

Poor air quality in cities has been estimated to lead to over 40,000 premature deaths in the United Kingdom each year. — Read more

Nov 2017

Gas is part of the solution to UK's air quality challange

Gas is back in a big way thanks to the UK's air quality challenge. — Read more

Sep 2017

British haulage company pilots Autogas truck and gets huge emission reduction

Lynn Star Haulage and Distribution, a Norfolk-based family-run logistics business, has completed a successful trial involving LPG on one its vehicles. — Read more

Aug 2017

GasCab announces launch of re-powered LPG Black cabs in London

Following the successful trial in Birmingham - GasCab taxis are now operating in London — Read more

Jul 2017

British taxi drivers keen to switch to alternative fuels

Global Action Plan and LPG fuel supplier have come together to find out the views of the UK's taxi drivers on the air pollution challenge. — Read more

Welsh assembly member supports LPG-powered vehicles

Huw Irranca-Davies AM celebrated the National CleanAir Day on 15 June by taking a ride in a new LPG-powered taxi. — Read more

Mar 2017

Give vouchers to convert cars to LPG for clean air, says report

The public should be given vouchers to pay for old, high emission cars to be converted into less polluting LPG vehicles. — Read more

Nov 2016

Euro 6 Mercedes Sprinter running on LPG now available in the UK

LPG conversion systems for larger vans running with Euro 6 engines are now available in the United Kingdom, and are designed and manufactured by Southampton-based Alternatech Fuel Systems Ltd. — Read more

U.S. EPA test on Autogas Ford Transit yields major emission reduction results

In a recent Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) emissions test, the Ford Transit showed dramatic reductions of harmful emissions while performing on Autogas when compared to the same engine operating on gasoline. — Read more

Sep 2016

LPG vehicles on show at Cenex LCV 2016 as fleet solution to urban air quality

With urban air quality rising to the top of the government’s agenda and being a prominent feature in the news, UKLPG, the trade body that represents the LPG industry, states that now is the time for LPG to be considered as a viable alternative fuel for vehicles by fleet managers. — Read more

Aug 2016

Working towards a Low Carbon City with LPG

With support from the Energy Saving Trust, Birmingham City Council has appointed a dedicated Green Fleet Change Manager who will work alongside all council departments to provide a win for lower carbon vehicles in both their grey fleet and council run vehicles. — Read more

Jul 2016

Should you convert your car to LPG?

The cost of running a car can quickly add up – you’ve got annual insurance, road tax and MOT to think about as well as everyday costs like petrol and repairs. — Read more

Jun 2016

Fraikin introduces contract hire packages on LPG-petrol vans

Fraikin has teamed up with engine conversion specialist Alternatech to become the company’s preferred contract hire partner, offering full service contract hire packages on bi-fuel LPG-petrol vans. — Read more

May 2016

Birmingham switching 63 diesel cabs to LPG

The conversion of 63 diesel-powered ‘black’ cabs in Birmingham to run on petrol engines using LPG-fuel has started under the city’s NOx Reduction Champions project. — Read more

Apr 2016

EFRA Committee backs LPG as part of portfolio of solutions to reduce inner-city air pollution

UKLPG, the trade association for the liquefied petroleum gas (LPG) industry, has welcomed the Environment, Food and Rural Affairs Committee’s (EFRA) inclusion of LPG as part of a range of alternative fuel options described in its report on Air Quality, released today. — Read more

Mar 2016

Policy Exchange support for LPG

Policy Exchange is the UK’s leading independent think tank. As an educational charity their mission is to develop and promote new policy ideas which deliver better public services, a stronger society and a more dynamic economy. — Read more

Fleet Industry call for more LPG vehicles

On paper, LPG has the cost and environmental qualities to be a mainstream vehicle fuel. It is more than 40p per litre cheaper than petrol or diesel, while research by the German Federal Motor Vehicles Agency found that NOx emissions are generally lower than petrol and substantially lower than diesel. LPG also generates no recordable particulate matter. — Read more

Jan 2016

Low emission vehicles and LPG: a renewed interest

In light of the resurgence of using automotive LPG low emission vehicles, Mike Chapman, manager of UKLPG, discusses the financial and environmental benefits of switching to LPG. — Read more

Autogas conversions on the up in the UK

Any reason is good enough to get an autogas conversion. Some do it primarily to cut their fuel spendings, other for the environmental benefit. But even if the latter is your weapon of choice, you'll get some chunky savings, too... — Read more

Dec 2015

Autogas taxi fleet will improve Bath’s local air quality

Bath MP Ben Howlett took a ride in a new LPG powered taxi cab that could lead the drive to improve the city’s air quality by cleaning up the city’s diesel taxi cabs. — Read more

Oct 2015

Toyota choose LPG for cleanest Hybrid taxi

Currently, the taxi most commonly seen on the streets of Japan is a large, basic-looking sedan dubbed Toyota Comfort that has been around since 1995. The country’s automotive landscape is set to change drastically in 2018 when Toyota introduces a brand new, purpose-built taxi whose design is reminiscent of England’s iconic black cab. — Read more

Commercial Fleet website Fiat Doblo LPG van review: “With more and more questions raised about diesel emissions, we could well start seeing a resurgence in LPG"

First drive: Fiat Doblo Cargo Maxi Autogas conversion van review: After peaking in the early 2000s, the popularity of liquefied petroleum gas (LPG) has dwindled to almost nothing among commercial fleets. However, LPG specialist Autogas Ltd is hoping for a resurgence in interest after the recent concerns about diesel emissions and offered us a gas-powered van for a week – and the figures are certainly impressive. — Read more

VW emissions scandal: Will Volkswagen's costly mistake put more alternative vehicles on London's roads?

With air quality pollution responsible for the deaths of 3,400 Londoners every year, action must be taken to clean up the capital’s roads by both policy makers and manufacturers. The emissions scandal has only heightened this crisis. Volkswagen has now revealed that nearly 1.2 million vehicles within the brand in the UK have been affected by the news. — Read more

Jul 2015

Tree Surgeon cuts his fuel bill with LPG

A Buckinghamshire tree surgeon saves around £500 per year in fuel costs after switching to autogas LPG. — Read more

Mar 2015

Business owner urges other fleets to consider LPG

Guy Lachlan, owner of Jones and Cocks, an online hardware store based in Aylesbury, is urging other businesses to consider LPG after saving around £15,000 on fuel costs over a five-year period. — Read more

Jan 2015

LPG industry challenges Government on air quality

The UK’s Liquefied Petroleum Gas (LPG) industry is calling upon Government to adopt a series of measures that could help improve air quality in the UK and avoid further EU fines. — Read more

UK drivers save an estimated £66m with LPG

Drivers in the UK saved an estimated £66 million on their fuel bills in 2014 by using LPG, estimates LPG supplier Autogas. — Read more

Oct 2014

Quentin Wilson and MP film meeting at forecourt

The Simply Fresh forecourt at Weare in Somerset hosted a filmed meeting between local Lib Dem MP Tessa Munt and Quentin Wilson of FairFuelUK. — Read more

Sep 2014

Fleets challenged to evaluate LPG autogas at Cenex LCV event

Autogas is challenging fleet managers and company car drivers to find out how the very latest in LPG autogas technology measures up to their current vehicles at the Cenex low carbon vehicle event, by getting behind the wheel of its gas-powered Ford Focus EcoBoost demonstrator. — Read more

Aug 2014

British drivers would consider LPG to cut fuel costs

Results from a nationwide public survey by Comres, showed that British drivers would consider converting to LPG to avoid the rising costs of petrol and diesel as fuel prices are predicted to rise by an average of 10.4% over the next six years. — Read more

New LPG Taxi launched in Milan

Milan is home to the first versatile and environmentally-friendly taxi service, which is able to accommodate disabled passengers thanks to its low floor. This is the outcome of a partnership between the Cavagna Group, Rolfi Special Trims and Citroen Italy. — Read more

Jun 2014

UKLPG Welcomes LowCVP Report into Future Fuels

The LP Gas industry trade association, UKLPG, has welcomed the inclusion of LP Gas in a report by The LowCVP which outlines a roadmap to decarbonise road transport fuel in the period to 2030 and beyond. — Read more

Demand for LPG Alternative Reaches New High

Nearly half of London drivers would consider switching their vehicles to run on LPG Autogas, according to new research out today. — Read more

Mar 2014

Chancellor’s Announcement Positive for the UK Market, says LPG Board

UKLPG has welcomed the Chancellor’s commitment to maintain the fuel duty rate for LPG Autogas until September 2015. — Read more

Feb 2014

LPG Fiat 500 Triumphs at World Championship FIA Alternative Engines Cup

WLPGA member and Industry Council member Cavagna Group’s two Abarths FIAT 500, one powered by LP Gas, the other one by CNG, won the 2013 World Alternative Energy Cup, thanks to the points earned with Ecorally. — Read more

Dec 2013

Government Announces 10 Year Commitment on Fuel Duty for LPG

In his Autumn Statement the Chancellor of the Exchequer announced a 10 year commitment on fuel duty for LPG. This gives consumers the re-assurance that the government continues to support LPG and fuel duty will not be suddenly removed. — Read more

Nov 2013

Tokheim Installs First Ever LPG Dispenser with Media in UK

Earlier this year, Tokheim and Flogas partnered on a project to install the UK’s first ever LPG dispenser with an integrated media display in model: Q510 LPG with TQC VGA. — Read more

AEGPL Highlights Benefits of Autogas at Commision Conference on Clean Transport Fuels

The European Commission held a conference on clean transport fuels last month at which AEGPL participated in one of the panel discussions. — Read more

Oct 2013

Ministers Blamed For Silent Killer Air Pollution Epidemic

Ministers have failed motorists and are putting lives at risk from a silent epidemic of air pollution by failing to back cheaper, cleaner fuel, two energy giants claimed yesterday. — Read more

German Database Shows LPG Savings

New evidence from Europe has shown that vehicles running on autogas LPG use less carbon than petrol cars. — Read more

Aug 2013

Review: Autogas Renault Megane 2.0 Turbo Sport 225 - Big Fun at 69p a Litre

Watch My Wallet's Features Editor, Alastair Walker, reviews a LPG converted Renault Megane 2.0 Turbo Sport 225. — Read more

Can you save money with LPG?

Mummy blogger Jo was loaned a Skoda Octavia for a week by Autogas Ltd to test whether or not she could save money with a car that had been converted to run on LPG. Read her experience. — Read more

Jun 2013

LPG – A Family Fuel That’s Cheap and Clean

Working mother, Susan K Mann, blogs her experience of using an LP Gas fueled car, and demonstrates the benefits it can have for families who are looking to save. — Read more

Apr 2013

Autogas Advantages: One Customer's LPG Conversion Experience.

Neil Birkitt, Editor of Volkswagen Driver magazine, had always been curious about what advantages a LP Gas fueled car could provide for him. He explains his experience when he finally converted to LPG. — Read more

Feb 2013

Autogas Savings Higher Than Ever

Annual forecourt fuel prices, published by Fleet News have revealed that using Autogas can save you more money than ever before. — Read more

Nov 2012

First Hybrid Urban LPG/Electric Bus Launched in Europe

Spanish LPG company Repsol and bus manufacturer Castrosua have launched the first hybrid urban bus with an electric/Autogas engine. The new vehicle, named Tempus Autogas, jointly developed by the research and development departments of the two Spanish companies, was launched at the FIAA (International Bus and Coach Show), held in Madrid from 23rd to 26th October. — Read more

Drivers! Could LPG save you a fortune?

Would you like to cut 40% off your motoring fuel bill? Who wouldn't? answers that question... — Read more

Oct 2012

Ford Take A Portfolio Approach to Ensure Sustainability Including LPG

Ford is taking a portfolio approach to developing sustainable technologies and alternative fuel options globally.This includes LPG or Autogas to provide consumers with a range of different options that improve fuel economy and overall sustainability while still meeting individual driving needs. — Read more

LPG Autogas Station Opens on M25

The very first LPG autogas refuelling facility was opened last week on the M25 by UKLPG Member Autogas Ltd. The Cobham Station is the UK’s largest petrol station. — Read more

Aug 2012

Petrol prices rising by 10p per litre – good time to convert to LPG

The RMI Petrol Retailers’ Association (PRA), which represents independent forecourts across the UK, has warned road users of an impending increase in the cost of fuel due to a huge rise in the price of oil. The price of Brent Crude oil increased 10% in the last two weeks to US$116 a barrel. — Read more

Jul 2012

Guardian Newspaper says "It is mystifying that more drivers are not going down the LPG route."

Petrol or LPG … do the fuel cost savings add up? The Guardian newspaper asks the question. — Read more

Fuel Duty Frozen

The freeze on Fuel Duty announced by the Chancellor is good news for LPG drivers. — Read more

Jun 2012

Wigan Race Circuit Invests in a new fleet of Liquified Petroleum Gas fuelled Karts

A £110k investment in LPG Technology ensures it’s a WIN, WIN, WIN, for Race Drivers, Local Residents & Three Sisters Race Circuit. Lower emissions and reduced noise pollution will help set benchmark for North West karting. — Read more

Apr 2012

Carlisle MP Launches New LPG Autogas Forecourt

Cleaner, cheaper fuel now available at another UK forecourt. — Read more

New drivelpg web site launched

UKLPG today launches the new look drivelpg web site. — Read more

Mar 2012

50,000 vehicles on UKLPG Vehicle Register

The UKLPG Vehicle Register has passed the milestone of 50,000 vehicles being registered. — Read more

Dec 2011

Local MP's Show Support for Autogas

Cheaper motoring is now more accessible in Stratford-upon-Avon, and for commuters on the busy M42 thanks to increased availability of LPG autogas. — Read more