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Pre-owned LPG vehicle

This section provides you with all you need to know about buying a vehicle which has already been converted to run on LPG autogas.

Buying a pre-owned LPG vehicle

  • Some vehicles will have been manufactured with an LPG option already fitted and this will usually be reflected in the model details on the V5 "log book".
  • Most vehicles will have been converted after manufacture by a different company and you need to ensure that the appropriate LPG system has been installed and fitted in a safe and satisfactory manner. To ensure this and guarantee that you and the person you may sell your vehicle to can get insurance the vehicle needs to be on the UKLPG Vehicle Register.  

Please remember that this advice relates only to the LPG aspects of a vehicle and is in addition to the normal enquiries and precautions that you should take when buying a second hand vehicle.

What documentation should there be with the vehicle?

The V5 "log book" - typically this will refer to the model as a "bi-fuel", "dual fuel", or "LPG". In addition the vehicle will have the manufacturer's handbook for LPG operation.
When a vehicle is converted to run on LPG the DVLA should be informed and will note the additional fuel in the fuel section.
Reference to LPG in this section does not necessarily mean that the vehicle was originally manufactured with LPG. If in doubt, contact the vehicle manufacturer or manufacturer's dealer.
Most vehicles have been converted after manufacture by a different company. You need to be sure that:
  • The LPG system is suitable for the vehicle - unsuitable LPG equipment can lead to engine damage and/or catalytic converter damage.
  • The LPG system has been installed in a safe and satisfactory manner.
  • Check that you vehicle is on the UKLPG Vehicle Register - click here and type in your vehicle registration number.