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How do I convert my vehicle

Most four stroke spark ignition engines can be converted to Bi-fuel, Autogas and Petrol, including fuel injected, turbo charged engines.

  1. Identify a UKLPG Approved Installer who can undertaken the conversion - click here for a list of approved installers near you.
  2. Identify the system you wish to use and ensure that the installer you have chosen is able to supply it - click here for the list of makes of LPG systems supplied by Accredited Distributors.
Fitting tank in Boot

What is involved in the conversion ?

  • The conversion will result in a car that runs on either Petrol or Autogas.
  • A second independent fuel system is added to the car, which requires a dedicated tank.
  • The tank is usually fitted in the spare wheel well, but can sometimes be installed underneath the vehicle.
  • Tanks are available in different sizes so loss of boot space can be kept to a minimum.
  • Autogas liquid is purchased by the litre and is pumped into the vehicle tank via a hose, it becomes a gas just before entering the combustion system. Click here to go to our home page and simply highlight the desired county for a list of fuelling stations.