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LPG Autogas is Cleaner, Greener and Cheaper than traditional fuels.

It's Cleaner


Air quality, particular in urban areas, is a continuing issue for the nation's health.


In 2004 Department of Health statistics show that particulates are responsible for thousands of advanced deaths and thousands of instances of illness. NOx emissions are also a major element of low level ozone, which causes smog and can worsen existing asthma conditions.

Extensive independent tests showed that:

  • One diesel vehicle emits 120 times the amount of fine particles as the equivalent LPG vehicle.
  • It takes 20 LPG vehicles to emit the same amount of NOx as one diesel vehicle.


It's Greener


Reduce your carbon footprint by running on LPG. Independent Pan-European tests were undertaken in 2003 which demonstrated the following results:

  • Petrol CO2 is 20.3% more than LPG.
  • Diesel CO2 is 1.8% more than LPG.

The 2005 report by CONCAWE found a small CO2 advatntage of LPG over diesel increasing to 10% by 2010 as a result of the worsening CO2 emissions of diesel as those engines struggle meet Euro V emission standards.


 It's Cheaper


Cost of fuel - The forecourt price of Autogas is approximately half that of petrol and diesel. Whilst the miles per gallon when running on LPG is usually around 20% less than petrol, significant cost savings can be made - to see how much you can save go to our 'Savings Calculator'.