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Travelling abroad

LPG autogas is available in many countries across Europe and there are various different lists of refuelling stations as published below.

Europe-wide: For an A - Z list of European countries and refuelling station information - please click here

Europe-wide: EuroGeoGrafiche Mencattini in Italy produces an electronic guide to Italian refuelling stations and other tourist information. To view this, please click here. (The guide can be purchased as a download in pdf format.)

Eire: The Irish LP Gas Association provides information on refuelling stations on their website - please click here

France: To find a list of refuelling stations by Department and Town - please click here (please note that this website opens in French but will change to English after a few seconds) 

Spain: The Spanish LP Gas Association lists public autogas refuelling stations for Spain on their website - please click here

For more information on travelling abroad, please view the document below.

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