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Outlined are the most frequently asked questions about LPG autogas.

How do I get my vehicle onto the Vehicle Register?

The Vehicle Register was launched in September 2010 to replace conversion certificates. 


If your car was converted to LPG before this date, then a conversion certificate should have been issued by the installer at the time of conversion. In order to get your vehicle added to the register, if you have a certificate and it was issued by a UKLPG Approved Installer, (click here to see a picture) then this should be sent to Liquid Gas UK for free entry.


In the first instance a copy should be sent to for verification. If the certificate is valid then you will be advised as to the address to which it should be posted.


Please note we do not accept copies, so you will need to post the original.


We recommend recorded delivery so that your certificate does not get lost in the post. However it is not mandatory.


We do not return them; they are retained for audit and verification purposes.

Please do not enclose stamped addressed envelopes for the return of your certificate as we do not return them.

Please do not send V5 logbooks for entry on the register unless they meet the requirements specified below.
Your car must be manufactured from new as an LPG vehicle. The way to check this is by looking at the model details. If the car is specified as a "dual fuel", "bi-fuel" or "lpg" in the Model details of the V5 (Section D.2) then we are able to accept the V5 and enter your vehicle onto the register.

If your car is not referred to as any of the above in the Model details, then this would suggest that your car has been converted after manufacture. In which case you must produce a conversion certificate as mentioned above (click here to see a picture).  

Please do not send your original logbook. Please send a photocopy. 
You can also send a scan of your logbook to Conversion certificates cannot be emailed.

What do I do if I do not have a LPG Conversion Certificate?

If your vehicle was converted by the vehicle manufacturer and this is shown in the model details (e.g. Bi-fuel, dual fuel or LPG) then send in a copy of page 2 of your V5 to obtain free entry on to the Vehicle Register. Please note this is only applicable if your car is a factory fitted LPG conversion. Regular conversions require a certificate for register entry (See "How do I get my car onto the Vehicle Register?")


If your vehicle was not converted by the vehicle manufacturer then it is still possible to get your vehicle onto the Vehicle Register - you simply need to take your vehicle to one of our UKLPG Approved Autogas Installers who will inspect the conversion and if satisfactory arrange for it to be added to the Register.


Click here to find your nearest UKLPG Approved Autogas Installer who can give you a quote for the cost.


Please note that inclusion of LPG, Gas or Bi-Fuel on the V5 as the 'Type of Fuel' only means that the DVLA has accepted your vehicle for the Alternative Fuel Discount and is not a certification of conversion standards.  

How do I get my vehicle onto the Vehicle Register if it is factory fitted LPG (manufactured from new)?

If your vehicle was bought from new as LPG, then all you need to do is send us a copy of Page 2 of your V5.


You can email a scan of this to:


You can only do this if your vehicle is listed as Dual Fuel, Bi-Fuel or LPG in the Model Details on the form. If this detail is not present, it indicates that your vehicle was not manufactured or factory fitted as running on LPG and you should follow the process outlined on - "What do I do if I do not have a Conversion Certificate?"


What do I do if I have changed my car's registration number since it was entered onto the Vehicle Register?

If your vehicle has been placed on the Register with a previous registration number then simply send the original registration number that appears on the Register together with a copy of page 2 of your V5C form which shows the new number and VIN/ chassis number.


Email a scan to 


How do I find out if my vehicle is on the Vehicle Register?

A quick and easy search facility is on our home page, simply click here and then enter your vehicle registration number.


If your car does not appear after a search, then please look at "How do I get my car onto the Vehicle Register?"

Can I have my vehicle converted abroad ?

A legal requirement for the UK is fitting in compliance with the UK Construction and Use Regulations (available from HMSO). To meet this, the equipment fitted will need to be EC/67/01. Whilst in Europe all equipment should be EC/67/01 approved, the fitting requirements are different.


Insurance companies may not accept a conversion undertaken outside the UK as the vehicle would not appear on the Vehicle Register.


To find a UKLPG approved autogas installer - click here.

Can I take my vehicle through the Channel Tunnel?

Currently, vehicles running on LPG autogas are not permitted to use the Channel Tunnel, they are however allowed on cross channel ferries. 


Fixed tanks in motorhomes which are used for habitation purposes (eg: cooking and heating) are now eligible to go through the Tunnel and the following advice appears on the Eurotunnel website for Gas Used for Domestic Services – fixed containers:

For the purposes of this text, this means fixed containers that are permanently installed or fixed in a vehicle and are refillable from outside the vehicle. The quantity of gas is limited to 47kg (or approximately 93 litres) maximum for a single container and to 50kg (or approximately 99 litres) maximum in the case of several containers. Each container must be no more than 80% full. The quantity will be checked via the gauge or remote indicator but if neither are present, the vehicle will be refused.

Can I convert my diesel car?

UKLPG are aware that systems are being developed to convert diesel engines to run on a mixture of LPG and Diesel (called Dual Fuel or LPG diesel blend) but we are concerned to ensure that such conversions on a passenger car provide satisfactory emissions in relation to carbon and air quality. We need to have satisfactory emission test results based on the European Drive Cycle without which the industry cannot support such conversions


At present such conversions are specifically excluded from Code of Practice 11 and are not eligible to be placed on the UKLPG Vehicle Register.


The LowCVP are in the course of establishing an Accreditation Scheme for Aftermarket Technologies to include such systems for HGV’s. This will lead to the LPG system manufacturer being provided with a certificate for their system which vehicle operators will need to look for  – for further information see