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Accredited Distributors

UKLPG Accredited

As with vehicle manufacturers, there are many different makes of LPG conversion equipment and most installers will specialise in installing one or a small number of them. Liquid Gas UK operates an Accredited Distributor programme, so you can be confident in the make of system you choose.

Distributors accredited by Liquid Gas UK means that they:


  • Have been authorised by the LPG system manufacturer as the official UK agent.
  • Are UK based.
  • Provide full technical support to the installer of the system.
  • Have a national network of dealers to service and repair the vehicle - important for you if you move to another part of the country or if you wish to sell your vehicle to someone living in a different area.
  • Support the vehicle owner in the event that the installer has problems or ceases trading.
  • Provide a two year warranty on all parts.
  • Are regularly reviewed by Liquid Gas UK and are subject to having Accreditation removed if they fail to comply with the Terms and Conditions of Accreditation - click here to read a copy of the Terms and Conditions.


The Accredited Distributors and the makes of LPG system supplied by them are as follows:


  • Alternatech – supply Prins
  • Vehicle Repowering Solutions – supply GasCab for taxis


Please note - Accreditation of Distributors commenced in April 2012 and only applies to vehicles converted since that date.