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Driving on LPG is both safe and easy to do.


Just like petrol, autogas vapour can ignite, but unlike petrol autogas is stored in a vehicle in a strong steel tank and has a number of safety valves.


Independent tests by the TNO in Holland concluded that LPG vehicles were safer in an accident than petrol. In fire service tests in the UK it was demonstrated that in the event of a serious fire occupants in a vehicle have three times longer to evacuate with LPG than petrol.


Most petrol engines can be converted by the addition of a second fuel system - LPG. This means that the vehicle will continue to run on petrol (for instance if you run out of LPG) and the LPG tank can be fitted in the spare wheel well or in some cases below the vehicle so you do not lose any boot space.


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There is a network of UKLPG Approved Autogas Installers located throughout the UK who can convert your vehicle and depending on the make of system installed, undertake servicing and repair of your existing LPG system.


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Filling up is just as easy as petrol at re-fuelling points throughout the UK, most of which are on petrol forecourts. There are also many refuelling site throughout Europe. Click here for information.