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About Autogas

It's Cleaner, Greener and Cheaper. LPG Autogas is a widely available, environmentally friendly alternative fuel with refuelling sites throughout the UK, most of which are on petrol forecourts. Recent independent tests have also shown that LPG has the best environmental record compared with petrol and diesel.

With the UK Government banning the sale of new petrol and diesel cars from 2030, we recognise the overall shift towards electrification and away from cars powered by fossil fuels, including LPG. However, owing to the environmental benefits of LPG compared to both petrol and diesel, LPG will continue to play a role as a transitional fuel for motorists.


Despite the commitment by the LPG Industry, decisions for investment will be decided through government policy, without a clear long term policy by government for the Autogas industry, investment will be limited by fuel court operators, as evidenced by the decision by Shell who no longer supply autogas from Shell-run petrol stations and Morrison’s and Sainsbury’s who are in the course of removing the supply of autogas from their forecourts.


The LPG Industry is committed to supplying viable sites and motorists will continue to be supported by an extensive network of public access LPG fuelling stations across the UK. For commercial uses, such as taxis, we encourage back-to-base facilities.


The LPG industry is committed to helping deliver Net Zero and providing a greener energy solution to the off-grid market by transitioning to renewable bioLPG. Available on the market today and made from sustainable origins, bioLPG provides up to 90% carbon emissions reduction and the same clean burning qualities of low NOx, SOx and Particulate Matter.


The sector will continue to play a critical long-term role, decarbonising heating across homes and businesses, cutting emissions for process heat and growing its use in alternative transport markets, such as forklift trucks, rail and shipping. For more information, read our 2040 Vision here.


What is LPG ?


LPG or Liquefied Petroleum Gas is extracted alongside natural gas and is also a bi-product of the oil refining process. The primary use in the UK is in the form of propane which is used for autogas as well as heating and cooking in domestic, commercial and agricultural environments. When stored under pressure it becomes a dense liquid.